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An upcoming FPS roguelike(lite) dungeon crawler, whereby dungeons are reached via hiking, camping, and surviving a vast overworld wilderness.


After the closing of Trion Worlds in San Diego, AAA cinematic designer Brian Mayberry took up the mantile of indie development, and with the aid of a few IT professionals, started Steamburger Studios. Let's Go Camping represents the second project for the new studio.


  • Hike out into the great unknown, hunt and fish for food, keep hydrated, and setup a nice camp when you need a new base of operation
  • In Let's Go Camping!, dungeons are everywhere! Most are randomly generated, full of monsters, death traps, and loot.
  • Find unique items that change the way you play. Unlock hidden treasures that lead you to yet more hidden treasures!
  • Start your hike off right with a nice bow and infinite arrows. How far back you draw, is how far you shoot!
  • Things happen out there, and you caused it. Or maybe it was a bear. BEARS?!
  • Classic retro lowpoly 3D graphics, with bloom and global illumination techniques that make you feel part of the world!


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About Steamburger Studios

Created in the summer of 2013 by long-time IT and Game Industry veterans, Steamburger Studios provides top quality games for Mobile and Desktop platforms. Steamburgers' first project, Cannon Ballers, has just been released for Android and Windows Phone 8, with iOS version coming soon!

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Let's Go Camping! Credits

Brian Mayberry
Lead Developer

Michael Holochwost
Concept Artist

Brian Thomas
Hardware and Support

Bryan Pepper
Hardware and Support

John Mayberry
QA Lead

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